QBSearchIndexerError.txt file size out of control

Is your Quickbooks company file’s “temporary” search index errors on your computer growing out of control in %appdata%\temp? Fix it in 5 easy steps & get back your hard drive space.

  1. Close Quickbooks
  2. Delete QBSearchIndexerError.txt file.
    • If the file is in use, stop your QB services in the task manager. Restart them after deletion.
  3. In the directory holding your .QBW file, look for the associated SearchIndex folder “[CompanyFileName].QBW.SearchIndex” Delete all the files in that folder.
  4. Open Quickbooks, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Search -> Company Preferences, click [Update Now]. This might take a while.
  5. Check on the file size of QBSearchIndexerError.txt

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